What to Wear & Bring?

Wear comfortable workout attire that is not too baggy.  Analynn must be able to see your body in order to make proper corrections as necessary. If you decide to wear workout shorts please make sure they are tight to the skin or if you decide to wear loose shorts please make sure to wear something underneath that is tight as well.

Please keep jewelry light, no bracelets, long necklaces or dangling earrings as they may get caught in the equipment used.

  • In addition you may want to bring water and a towel.
  • Grip socks are required.


What Is Your Cancellation Policy?  

There is a 24 hour grace period, meaning you have 12 hours before your scheduled session in order to avoid having the class taken out of your package. If you pass the 24 hour grace period, you will lose your session.


What Happens If I Don’t Show Up For My Scheduled Session?

You will be considered as a No Show.  Even if you pass the 24 hour grace period, please inform Analynn otherwise you will be charged $15.00 in addition to losing your session.  This no show charge is done to avoid the chance of another client having an opportunity to take your time slot.



Did I miss something? Please give me a call or e-mail!