Our Method

Urbn Fit offers a fusion of fun total body workout methods incorporated on the Pilates reformer. All methods are designed to strengthen those getting back into shape and challenge the strong.


Class Descriptions


Basic Strength

An open level class intended for those who are new to using the Pilates Reformer, working through injuries, or for those who want to refine their skills and focus on the fundamentals of Pilates.  Therefore this *MAY* leave the class to be SLOW-MOVING as a lot of modifications may occur for each individual per exercise.

*Prerequisite for Pilates All Levels & Athletic Classes



  1. Must have had PREVIOUS reformer experience, COMFORTABLE with the machine, and familiar with Pilates exercises.  Those who come to class without this will not benefit from the class, and may feel frustrated.
  2. Must have the ability to follow verbal cueing for exercises without having visual body demonstrations of exercises.


Pilates All Levels

This class is an open level class to those who are familiar and comfortable with the Pilates Reformer.  The instructor will modify the routine to simplify or intensify exercises based on the ability and experience of the students in class. Get ready to work out your entire body!


A total body workout with more strength training with cardio possibly added in.  This is an intermediate class that moves at a slightly faster pace than a Pilates All Levels Class.  It is designed for those who can keep up with the pace of class without having to be modified or to ask questions on how to execute an exercise.  Less verbal cueing is provided.